Digital Spain 2023: Trends from the Latest Internet Usage Study

Apr 18, 2024

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The 26th edition of the “Navegantes en la Red” report by the Association for Media Research (AIMC) unveils insightful trends about internet usage in Spain. Based on 19,646 valid responses collected from October to December 2023, this report offers a glimpse into the behavior of intensive internet users. Although it does not represent the entire Spanish population, it indicates significant trends within a specific segment.


Internet Access and Usage

The study reveals that mobile devices remain the most popular means for accessing the internet, with 92% of respondents using them as their primary connection tool. Despite the prevalence of unlimited data plans, a substantial 40% of users still navigate with data limitations, highlighting significant barriers to unrestricted internet access.

The most common online activities reflect practical uses of the internet. Checking the weather dominates, with 79% of users engaging in this activity, closely followed by reading news (78%) and consulting maps (73%).


Social Media and Communication Platforms

Instagram and Facebook dominate the social media landscape in Spain, with usage in the last month at 70% and 66%, respectively. Although TikTok is popular among younger demographics, only 30% of those surveyed use it, showing growth but still trailing behind more established platforms. This trend underscores Spanish users’ loyalty to established platforms and their gradual adaptation to new digital social interactions.


Digital Media Consumption and Digital Subscriptions

In terms of digital audio, Spotify leads in both music and podcasts, with 80% using it for music and 43% for podcasts. Remarkably, iVoox, a Spanish entrepreneurial platform, excels in the podcast category, surpassing global giants like YouTube Music, Amazon Music, and Apple Podcasts. This highlights a strong preference for local initiatives within the Spanish digital ecosystem.

The report also shows a significant increase in digital subscriptions to newspapers and magazines, which have doubled from 7% to 14% over four years. This rise attests to consumers’ increasing willingness to pay for quality content. Furthermore, the study emphasizes a steady increase in dual subscriptions, both print and digital, suggesting a continuous attachment to traditional formats along with adaptation to digital media.


Attitudes Towards Technology

The report also touches on general perceptions of technology, revealing that 62% of respondents believe technology evolves too quickly, and many feel overwhelmed by continual advancements. This sentiment is reflected in the growing concern for online security and skepticism towards devices that could invade privacy, such as smart speakers.

This report not only provides a snapshot of Spain’s digital present but also offers guidance for future digital strategies and communication, highlighting the importance of adapting to an ever-changing environment and responding to consumer expectations regarding privacy, security, and valuable content.

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