Yesterday we announced an agreement with African company Maliyo Games, the pioneer mobile gaming company in Nigeria, to distribute its offer in the region. This agreement will allow us to enhance our presence across the African market.

This agreement is part of Telecoming’s strategy to develop digital services with excellent user experience. According to Nicolas Gimenez, our Content Director, the combination of quality content and technology is key to offer services with a differential user experience. The African market offers endless opportunities for the mobile market. It is a region with excellent local content producers and where users demand innovative services to enjoy on mobile. The agreement with Maliyo games allows us to include a high-quality local offer in our state-of-the-art mobile services.

The games developed by Maliyo will be distributed among mobile users of 6 African countries. The bundle of Africa-themed games acquired by Telecoming has been designed to depict the everyday lives of Africans in general and Nigerians, in particular, with fun and engaging proposals to reach all ages audiences.

Maliyo Games seeks to provide Africans with all kind of entertaining games built on experiential content with a strong focus on the African daily culture.

We monetize digital content in the region since 2015 in partnership with the leading mobile operators and the best local content producers like Maliyo Games. Happy to be on the same team!