We have recently launched new research on the gaming sector, demonstrating its relevance in the online content market.

Mobile gaming worldwide revenue could surpass EUR 90.000M this year and will reach EUR 124.883M by 2023. Europe accounts for 22% of the global market (EUR 19.785M) and is expected to increase to EUR 25.256M over the next five years. This sector keeps growing!

In Spain, the mobile gaming market represents nearly 10% of all digital content industry. Mobile gaming revenue in this country looks to jump from EUR 411.6M in 2019 to EUR 480M in 2022.

Gaming is increasingly mobile

Beyond traditional consoles, more and more games are becoming available on mobile devices, with an increasing presence in streaming to cater to the preferences of developers and gamers.

The success of games designed specifically for mobile phones pushes the market to fix strategies in both platforms to increase their digital content offer reach. Importantly, 95% of video console gamers are connected to the internet. Virtual and augmented reality to games will enhance the experience of users online at any time and anywhere via a mobile device.

Mobile games are paid with mobile phones

Payment through direct carrier billing (DCB) is emerging as the favourite payment method for this type of content. Digital gaming revenue billed by mobile operators worldwide is on track to reach EUR 17.735M this year, from an overall market of EUR 28.983M in 2019. This means that 6 out of 10 euros expended in mobile games will be paid using DCB technology.

Online payment of gaming consumption in Europe is estimated to reach EUR 4.129M in 2019. In Spain, invoicing of this content via DCB should top EUR 221M this year, with forecasts suggesting this amount will double to EUR 445M over the next five years.

According to Roberto Monge, “direct carrier billing technology is designed to keep users in the same environment through a simple, secure and quick payment process. Many video gamers are young people, with no bank account or credit card. DCB makes much easier spontaneous purchases without leaving the mobile environment”.

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