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Feb 3, 2021

Today more than ever, it seems that reinvention is related to business success. After the pandemic, many sectors were forced to think outside the box to adapt to the new circumstances.

At the same time, the technological revolution has shown that we must break with much of the established to be more innovative and creative in our value proposal. According to the latest study carried out by Infoempresa, there are 12% more companies registered as innovators in Spain than last year.

In this context, it is necessary to be aware of the importance of adapting to the technological ecosystem that the consumer requires.

A case study of how technology and your business’s profitability can go hand in hand is Mi Director Financiero. It is a service carried out by a group of experts in Financial and Sales Management who work externally, but totally personalised. The fact is that a company cannot exist without sales.

Eduardo Flores, CEO and founder of Mi Director Financiero, had the idea when a former boss working in Mexico, asked him to review the Brazilian subsidiary’s financial data.

Thanks to the possibilities that technology offers us today, he could do the job without going there. When Flores finished it, he thought that if it was possible to do this work for a 6,000 km country, he could also provide this service to Spanish SMEs and self-employed workers. The idea came from a desire to help small and medium-sized businesses. He explains: “We look for projects that already have a specific entity and complexity. However, we are also working with incipient projects, but with ambitious growth plans. We want to help companies grow and be profitable. To do this, entrepreneurs need to be very involved in their businesses and have medium-and long-term growth plans.”

Mi Director Financiero is a clear example of how technology can change markets. In this case, Eduardo Flores has found a way to support and analyse the companies’ finances, helping them grow and have a healthy current account.

Many other industries offer personalisation on their services because it is a real trend (we have already written about this). For financial services, personalisation means studying each company separately, analysing its specific needs, and working first on the most problematic areas. However, for other markets like video, means offering different portfolios according to the user’s tastes. This was the first lever of success for Netflix, and it has been implemented in many other platforms (are you interested in Netflix? have a look at our OTT’s post).

Technology allows companies getting involved with the client. Mi Director Financiero gets involved in the management of their customers’ company. They review, correct the data, analyse and prepare reports that help them make decisions. Decision making is perhaps one of the most valued skills in today’s professionals. Tools like help to transform data into information and information into knowledge. This is key to being able to make decisions controlling the risks assumed.

Technology opens many possibilities for many sectors. From Telecoming, we are happy to participate in this technical revolution. What an adventure!

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