Telecoming implements Evina’s Eyewitness technology to secure subscriber acquisition

Feb 12, 2021

As a leader of monetization technology for digital services, we develop and deploy technology for User Acquisition in the mobile environment. We are genuinely committed to fighting against mobile ad fraud that can imply $ 20bn in losses this year (according to our partner Juniper Research). In that sense, we are happy to communicate Eyewitness technology’s implementation in our digital advertising campaigns.

This technology identifies malicious traffic and behaviour to protect the user and optimize digital marketing investments. ‘Eyewitness’ records the user acquisition process to guarantee transparency during the mobile purchase process.

According to Roberto Monge, COO of Telecoming:

Direct Carrier Billing is the payment technology with the most significant potential in acquiring customers due to its simplicity in the process. To place it at the forefront of the mobile industry, we need to keep transparency and security in every transaction.”

Crazy figures

In Europe, 95.2% of smartphone users browse the mobile Internet, and in Africa and the Middle East, this ratio is around 93%. Just this year, the global figure for Internet display ads viewed on smartphones will exceed 31,300bn, and in two years it will reach 40,400bn. Mobile display ads investment will be over $ 27,480M in 2021 and will surpass $ 34,000M in 2023.

Roberto states: Our partners can trust Telecoming’s good work, not only in payment security but also in managing the entire value chain, from user acquisition to customer service. We rely on technology to differentiate ourselves in the digital environment, and we are constantly developing innovations around DCB.”

Experts on DCB since 2008, we remain committed to fighting fraud in the digital world to lead the economics of entertainment digital services.










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