We are proud to announce that yesterday we won the Best Digital Entertainment Innovation AfricaCom 2019 Award!

Telecoming has developed a mobile immersive entertainment service to change the way users enjoy video on their mobile devices. It places the users in the heart of the action by offering high-resolution 360º videos and games. Without needing any hardware, the user becomes the main character of its own experience.

Our expertise has allowed us to create an innovative virtual reality service offering more than 70 video 360º presented in five different categories (travel, experiences, music, sports & games), almost 100 interactive video and virtual reality games for Android.

Innovation and technology bring technological companies the opportunity to develop outstanding differential services to entertainment users. According to Mohamed Benhamadi, our Operations Director for Africa & France, “We are committed to entertainment innovation and the development of engaging product. We are proud of this award mostly coming from the African market, which is extremely dynamic and interesting for Telecoming“.

 We are happy to share this recognition with you!