Users are already choosing digital ticketing as a suitable option to buy tickets for transport, sports events, concerts and other entertainment shows.

That’s why in Telecoming, we have carried out an analysis of digital ticketing, one of the markets with the highest growth potential in the mobile payment sector and operator payment.

Digital ticketing is an upward trend

Online ticketing turnover is continuously increasing! By the end of 2019, there will be more than 1,780M users using electronic devices to buy or access services that require a ticket. That figure will reach 2,236M users in five years.

Moreover, in Europe, about 430M users will turn to digital ticketing this year, growing by 7% to reach 593M in 2023. Then, Europe will represent 26% of online ticketing users worldwide.

Four countries concentrate 36% of digital ticketing users in Europe: UK (49M), Spain (39M), France (36M) and Germany (33M).

The success of ticketing in the European market

The global turnover of the digital ticketing market will exceed €627B this year. 24% of that total (€150B) comes from the European market. Only four countries account 38% of that turnover, which means more than €56B.

Thus, digital ticketing transactions value in the UK reaches €21,528M, followed by Germany (€15,173M), France (€11,073M) and Spain (€9,143M). By 2023, Europeans will spend around €178B in digital ticketing, and the market will surpass €775B worldwide.

According to our analysis, the volume of transactions in this market is expected to increase from 31B million in 2019, to more than 66B in 2023 worldwide. Over 22% from this total will be carried out in Europe by the end of 2019 and will keep growing to surpass 13.2B operations in 2023.

Mobile ticketing and DCB: the rising options

 The mobile ticketing turnover will almost reach €152B worldwide this year and will surpass €300B in 2023. In Europe, mobile ticketing will invoice about €41B. During the next five years, that figure will grow by 18% exceeding €78B.

In 2019, the UK is leading the mobile ticketing sales in Europe with a 6,531M turnover, followed by Germany (€5,568M), France (€3,775M) and Spain (€2,988M).

Digital ticketing billed via Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) worldwide will account €583M in 2019. In the coming years, Europe will assume this payment technology faster than the rest of the world. The average year-on-year growth rate for the next five years is 65 %, compared to the worldwide average of 29 %.

 The value of mobile tickets purchased via DCB will be around 2B worldwide in 2024. That year 1.2% of the European mobile ticketing market will be invoiced via carrier billing reaching €795M turnover.

 Beyond the monetization of digital content, the recent PSD2 (Payment Services Directive) expand opportunities for DCB in Europe, including new industries like ticketing, transportation, parking and donations. Roberto Monge, Chief Operations Officer at Telecoming, states that sectors such as mobile ticketing have great growth potential, and the DCB is a real alternative among users looking for a simple, fast and secure solution to buy tickets using their mobile.

We are proud to be the first player in Spain to have integrated DCB in the ticketing industry!