We are a sportech company specializing in developing and distributing mobile experiences for sports fans.

We leverage fans’ emotional connection with their passion because we understand the potential of these communities. Mobile sports fans are more than just spectators: they are loyal, emotional and highly interactive.

Our entertainment services built around the sports experience are an excellent opportunity for clubs, leagues and organizations to create new connections, increase fan communities and monetize this fantastic audience through mobile billing.


We believe fandom owns the power in the sports industry.


We imagine and develop memorable digital experiences for those sports fans.


We create and distribute the best sports entertainment and information services for mobile consumption.

We are experts in creating communities of subscribers who pay each month to enjoy mobile experiences related to sports.

Subscription-based businesses allow organizations to maintain a regular revenue stream. This model is perfect for the sports industry because the connection with the brand (club, athlete, competition) exists before accepting any paying subscription. Payment is a natural evolution of that user-business connection that generates deeper relationships with the fan community.

We have successfully developed services for different sports brands interested in monetizing their communities by turning them into profitable sources of recurring income.

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Latest trends and the near future of eSports

Latest trends and the near future of eSports

The eSports industry is now a trailblazer for the future of competitive gaming and a testament to the immense potential of technology in revolutionizing traditional sports. As a sports technology company, we are thrilled to be part of this vibrant industry’s journey, committed to fostering the growth and evolution of eSports globally.

Meeting… Mohamed Benhamadi, Business Development Managing Director

Meeting… Mohamed Benhamadi, Business Development Managing Director

In a new edition of ‘Meeting our team’, we introduce you to our Managing Business Development Director, Mohamed Benhamadi, who has been part of our team for more than 5 years. He leads the Business Development area for our Operations team, looking for the best partnership opportunities.

Applied AI and its impact on businesses

Applied AI and its impact on businesses

Ultimately, artificial intelligence is a very powerful technology that can help us solve many complex problems and improve our cyber security. Implementing artificial intelligence in business can be a crucial step towards success in the digital age.