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A dynamic, inspiring and modern
magazine for women.

The challenge

Never before have women had such a leading role in global social and economic life. Women are a highly influential digital audience. Understanding that women have new habits and interests, mobile operators in Africa relied on Telecoming to create a digital offering that entertains, inspires, and empowers female clients. The challenge was to develop a fabulous women-focused digital magazine for mobile users in the region.

lifestyle lifestyle

The service

We developed an inspirational and informative mobile service around entertainment, fashion, beauty, fithess, food... and much more female-oriented content! It is a magazine for a new generation of women questioning the status quo in partnership with many of the world's biggest content editors. Users find exclusive articles and videos every week, content to support women's lifestyles and podcast series inspiring different communities. A unique all-in-one digital service available for modern women from any device!


The results

Inspirational Series
& Podcasts for women

in 8 countries


Exclusive content
from local influencers monthly

+250,000 new visitors every month