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Fitness and wellness
in just one click.

The challenge

Sports and healthy habits are a consolidated social trend. Today's users dedicate time and money to learning and applying the best wellness tips for their lives. Under this premise, Telecoming has developed a service that aims to offer a differential user experience with the objective of promoting wellness through technology.

lifestyle lifestyle

The service

Sports, nutrition, and personal care. All-in-one mobile wellness and fitness add-free service with subscription access. Total Gym provides a holistic approach to a healthy routine: nutrition, workouts, and tips for a well being and balanced life. The service allows followers to overcome all their limits in the fastest, easiest, and most convenient way possible with virtual workouts and periodic challenges to achieve specific goals. Personalization technology makes it a unique experience for each user.

The results

More than 300 wellness
and fitness types of content
in a single environment

Guided classes with
an instructor in 11 disciplines

More than 60 healthy recipes

Video and PDF routines
to learn with a world champion

Personalized training
according to users' goals

Immersive cardio experience

AI Sports Expert

360 integral service for caring body & mind