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The challenge

The audio content industry is making inroads into the digital market. The voice is the first level of human communication and has become a huge opportunity for the digital sector.

The heterogeneous nature of podcasts allows us to create fantastic content for almost any sector we want to promote (health, art, education, sport and journalism, among others).

Podcasts have close to 1 billion listeners worldwide and are a 25-30% growing market (Deloitte). The overall consumption of all media is becoming increasingly on-demand, and the culture of paying for digital content is normalising. According to Juniper Research 2020, the podcast listening community spent $6.522 billion on podcast subscription services last year.

It's time to monetise podcast and audiobook entertainment platforms!

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The service

With the idea of creating a different podcast service, we entered the world of exclusive production at the hands of great French producers. We created a service with over 15,000 episodes to market to French-speaking users. We created Funtalks.

Funtalks offers exclusive podcasts that you won't find on other platforms. Funtalks ORIGINALS is a unique section where subscribers can find comedy, music, eSports... The best original audio pills with new episodes every month.

There are great stories with unlimited access for the subscriber community. Users can create their favourites list and discover new offerings based on their interests!
The mix of audio content from great producers and distributors, together with our acquisition and engagement technology, makes Funtalks a great mobile podcast service. Enjoy it wherever and whenever!

The results

Over 55.000 episodes

12 series created with AI

Exclusive programmes: Funtalks Originals produced by popular content creators

With pioneering AI augmented audio technology