Shifting Sands: TikTok and Google in the Battle for Search Dominance

Apr 8, 2024

The Emerging Sportech Opportunity

At Telecoming, we recognize the importance of staying informed about the latest trends and shifts within the industry, to keep updated about the crazy digital advertising market and adtech innovation. This is why we actively share valuable insights and research findings with our clients and the broader market.

Today we bring you a new report titled “TIKTOK VS GOOGLE: A RADICAL CHANGE IN HOW WE SEARCH”. This study was conducted by ATREVIA LAB, a research initiative dedicated to analyzing trends and behaviors in the digital and communication realms. Carried out between February 1, 2023, and January 31, 2024, the study encompassed a comprehensive analysis of 5,000 keywords across 10 different sectors, including technology, fashion and beauty, finance, real estate, travel, food and recipes, education, automotive, health, and nutrition. Utilizing a methodology that compared search volumes on TikTok and Google, ATREVIA LAB aimed to identify and understand shifts in user search behavior. The research highlighted TikTok’s growing influence on consumer purchasing and learning decisions, as well as its role as a complementary and sometimes superior platform to Google in certain search categories.

The study underscores a notable shift in user search preferences, noting how in 2023 TikTok began to stand out in search volume across various categories, complementing Google. This trend reflects an evolution in the use of social media platforms for information search, with TikTok offering a more direct and intuitive alternative compared to traditional platforms like Instagram and YouTube, influencing the adaptation of digital strategies.

The findings highlight the importance of developing dynamic marketing strategies that span multiple platforms, as 26% of all keywords studied showed greater interest in TikTok than in Google. However, for 248% of the keywords, the difference in search volume between TikTok and Google was less than 900, indicating coexistence and complementarity between the two platforms depending on the search topic.

The study also emphasizes how TikTok has become a source of inspiration for shopping, learning in video format, organizing trips, and more, demonstrating how it is used alongside Google in areas traditionally dominated by the latter. In the realm of health, for instance, TikTok emerges as a valuable source of information, signaling a shift in how users seek data on wellness and medication.

Furthermore, the study highlights TikTok’s role in driving conversations about brands and products, encouraging brands to focus their strategies on user-generated content and community interaction. The research positions TikTok as a cross-sectional and transgenerational platform in content consumption, underlining the need for digital marketing strategies to adapt to capture this emerging phenomenon.

By keeping a pulse on pivotal changes, such as the evolving relationship between platforms like TikTok and Google, we empower not just our team but also our partners and stakeholders to stay ahead. Our commitment to disseminating this importante information underscores our dedication to innovation and our role in shaping the future of digital advertising. At Telecoming, we’re not just participants in the adtech space; we’re pioneers, constantly exploring new ways to leverage technology and insights to drive success in a dynamic digital landscape.

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