Mobile is changing the way we enjoy sports

It was widespread for fans to be active while watching sports events, such as a football match. Fans would stand up or shout to the TV. Today a high number of them are using their energy on their mobile.

According to Curatti, 81% of viewers want to know more about the program, so they use another screen. Besides, 79% of 18-24 years old use second screening during commercial breaks. Another interesting fact is that more than 70% of adults use a second screen while watching TV, 51% being a smartphone.

Smartphones devices have become an essential tool for the user’s daily activity. Users can access most of the content that they see on TV or any other platforms. With an internet connection, they can also access lots of content related to the first screen their watching. Sure, it can be distracting, but it’s the user’s choice.

According to Web Marketing Pros, 95% of consumers have mobile devices in hand while watching TV.

Sports events: the main territory of the second screen

Today we have the habit of watching TV with a laptop, phone or tablet nearby. We use these devices, especially while we are watching sports events.

Why? Because when we are watching a big event that generates interaction in social networks or our chats, it is normal that we want to participate in this conversation. Compared to other industries, emotions are crucial in the sport consumption experience: fans’ identity, self-esteem, and pride are on the line to some degree in every sports competition. Interactivity reproduces in the digital environment the feeling of community, which allows new media to battle with television.

Besides, technology offers a new approach to fans communication. Social media intensifies the connection between fans and clubs and increase the frequency of conversations. Technology also enables multiple occasions to interact with fans through different devices, applications and channels.

The unstoppable mobile devices relevance increase has made this habit grow. We are no longer satisfied with viewing content on our television; now we want to give our opinion on real-time. Digital natives who grew up with the Internet and social networks are used to access information and entertainment immediately.

Welcome to the new horizon

Mobile content has become so professionalized that millions of people cannot just watch one screen at the time. This trend clearly shows the impact of smartphones in today’s society.

The way we enjoy sports has changed thanks to the mobile device. It’s a trend promoted by the new generations impacting the whole society. Among the Z generation, 58.5% enjoys audiovisual content from devices other than TV. Also, more and more users want to pay for quality content. Pay-TV and on-demand content have greatly influenced audiovisual consumption. The importance of the smartphone and the success of subscription services means that we are on a new horizon within the mobile ecosystem.